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Virtual Production? Certainly.

With over 30 commercial projects shot in an LED volume for clients like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, and NBC Universal, I am experienced and comfortable shooting in Virtual Production. 

I've learned a lot of techniques, the best practices, and can help guide your creative to be most effective in the tricky world of Virtual Production. I can also let you know when it's just better to shoot on-location.

Safeguards | ReliaQuest

Safeguards | ReliaQuest

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A stadium full of fans? Easy.

We filmed this in two practical sets (Security Operations Control, Cafe) and one virtual set (football field).

We brought turf in, created a looping plate of the stadium fans, added the image of a field goal, and hung five Apurture Novas above the volume to give the feel of stadium lights.


No motion tracking was needed to pull off a believable stadium shoot.